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Buy game credits with U Mobile

Price (RM) Steam Wallet Codes (RM)
7 5
13 10
26 20
65 50
125 100
How to purchase Steam Codes
Step 1
Click on Buy Now
Step 2
Select the amount, then key in your U Mobile number and click Next
Step 3
Complete your purchase by sending an SMS with the TAC given to 28123
Step 4
You will receive a message confirming your purchase
Step 5
Your Steam code will be sent to your smartphone via SMS
Price (RM) MOLPoints
3 195
5 325
10 650
20 1300
30 1950
50 3250
How to reload your MOLPoints via app
Step 1
Go to your MOL Account at OR download MOLPoints App.
Step 2
Login to your MOL account.
Step 3
Under the Reload tab, select Mobile Payment.
Step 4
Select U Mobile and select the reload amount.
Step 5
Type the CAPTCHA and select Continue.
Step 6
Key in your mobile number and select Proceed
Step 7
Enter the pin code sent to you via SMS and click Verify Pin Code and Purchase.
Step 8
Select Close.
Coming soon!
Coming soon!