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What are the local call and SMS rates for the Power Prepaid Plan?
Calls are charged at 7 sen/ 30 sec whilst SMS is at 8 sen each.
Who is eligible for this promotion?
This promotion is open to all new and existing prepaid subscribers who subscribe to Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) or Combo Indonesia (CI) monthly plans by manual purchase or auto-renewal during the promotion period.
When is the promotion period?
The promotion starts from 22 December 2016 until 15 February 2017.
Will I be entitled to this promotion if I purchase UMI 20 on 21 December 2016?
No, you will not be entitled to this promotion if you purchase before 22 December 2016. However, you will get to enjoy triple data for a full month when you purchase manually or by auto-renewal from 22 December 2016 till 15 February 2017.
Where can I check the extra quota?
You can check the data quota via UMB, SMS and U Mobile app.
How about the Video-Onz data quota?
The Video-Onz data quota remains unchanged.
Who can use CreditShare service?
This service is available to U Mobile Prepaid customers only. Active Prepaid U Mobile customers are eligible to make a credit transfer using this CreditShare service. Active and passive (non-active) prepaid customers are eligible to receive credit.
Will I be charged for using this service?
Yes, you will be charged a RM0.50 service fee each time you make a credit transfer and a RM0.20 service fee when you receive credit via this service.
Do I need to have a minimum credit balance after transferring my credit?
Yes, you need to have minimum of RM1 credit balance after transferring credit and having the service fee deducted.
How much credit can I transfer/ request and what is validity period for the transfer/ request?
You can transfer/request the following:
  1. RM1 with 1 day validity
  2. RM3 with 3 days validity
  3. RM5 with 5 days validity
  4. RM10 with 7 days validity