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Do I need to sign up/login for the Prepaid Top Up service to use this facility?
No sign up is required.
Are there any additional charges (handling fees/administrative fees) for using the Prepaid Top Up?
There are no additional charges incurred for using Prepaid Top Up, other than the selected top up amount.
I’m a customer of another mobile service provider. Can I use Prepaid Top Up to top up credits for my friends/family who are U mobile customers?
Yes, you can top up for your friends/family who are existing U Mobile prepaid customers.
Can I top up to my U Mobile postpaid account?
The service is only available to top up for U Mobile prepaid numbers.
How many top ups can I make in a day?
Top up is limited to a maximum of 5 times or RM250 per MSISDN a month.
Can I do bulk reloads?
The service currently does not cater to bulk reloads.
How do I know if the transaction is successful?
Upon successful top up, an email notification will be sent to your pre-defined email address with a digital receipt.
What is the credit validity?
The credit validity is based on the plan that has been purchased:
  1. Power Prepaid Plan
    Simply top up your account to stay active. Every RM1 top up is equivalent to 1 day of active period. The maximum active period at any one time is 365 days.

  2. New U Prepaid Plan & U Prepaid Plan
    The credit validity is 2x the value of your top up amount. For example: if you top up RM10, your credit validity is 20 days.
Top Up Amount Validity (Days)
RM 1 2
RM 2 4
RM 3 6
RM 4 8
RM 5 10
RM 10 20
RM 30 60
RM 50 100
RM 100 200

Having issues with your payment?
  1. Disable all pop-up blockers or be aware of pop-ups being blocked.
  2. Check if your card uses 3D secure authentication. Certain banks require 3D secure pre-registration.