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U Mobile’s Latest “Giler Unlimited” Postpaid And Prepaid Plans Are Best In Town Offering Unlimited Data, Anytime, Any Day


KUALA LUMPUR, 26 JUNE 2018 – U Mobile’s latest plans called Giler Unlimited is offering unlimited data for all apps on your smartphone at an unbeatable RM50 for the postpaid GX50 plan and only RM30 for the prepaid GX30 plan.


Unlike other plans in the market today, Giler Unlimited is extremely affordable and it does not have any restrictions on when and how the data may be enjoyed. Hence, customers are able to stream music and videos, social message and network, play mobile games and livestream anytime, any day, completely worry-free.


Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile shared why this plan is so unique. “U Mobile has always been about creating unlimited ideas for customers to maximise their digital lifestyle experience. We believe Giler Unlimited sets a whole new benchmark for the industry as one can enjoy unlimited data for all apps on your smartphone, any time, any day from as low as RM30. Once again, no restrictions, just pure worry-free unlimited experience. Giler Unlimited is truly the best offering in the market.”


The postpaid GX50 plan, apart from having unlimited data for all apps, also comes with unlimited calls and 5GB of FREE hotspot quota. As for the prepaid GX30 plan, customers get to enjoy unlimited data and 3GB of FREE hotspot quota at only RM30. It is equivalent to RM1 per day, offering customers the best value.


To mark the launch of Giler Unlimited, U Mobile went to town by creating a Giler Raya universe full of whimsical characters for its guests. Guests also had a chance to take a ride on the quirky U Mobile Carousel.


The Giler Unlimited plans are available from today at all U Mobile stores nationwide. For more information on Giler Unlimited plans, please visit https://www.u.com.my/.



postpaid gx50 plan rate


prepaid gx30 plan rate
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