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U Mobile Partners Allo To Expand Its Unlimited Offering To High-Speed Fibre Broadband 

Kuala Lumpur, 7 September 2021 – U Mobile, the award-winning telco, has signed a collaboration agreement with Allo Technology Sdn. Bhd. (Allo), a telecommunications infrastructure service provider and wholly-owned subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad, to leverage the company’s fibre broadband infrastructure and growing location coverage to expand its accessible and affordable unlimited offerings beyond mobile data and wireless broadband to also include high-speed fibre broadband.


U Mobile’s maiden fibre broadband offering called Ultra Unlimited Home Fibre Broadband is now available to new and existing* U Mobile customers in selected residential areas in Melaka, Cyberjaya, Perak and Kedah as a pilot. The telco does intend to make its fibre broadband plans available to more locations and to non-U Mobile customers soon.


 “U Mobile is excited to be partnering Allo as it marks the start of our foray into fibre broadband. We will definitely be looking to widen our unlimited fibre broadband offering to more customers at more locations in the coming months. This move has been particularly timely as we believe many of our customers will appreciate the affordable and accessible unlimited high-speed fibre broadband plans for their learning, productivity and work needs during this pandemic. Noting the pressures our customers are facing, we are even offering 50% off our fibre plans for 2 years and will also be waiving the first month’s fibre bill for U Mobile customers, making us the best mobile and fibre bundle in the country. U Mobile’s purpose is to unleash every potential, hence we are continuously looking at new ways to empower the country's digital economy,” said Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile.


Allo's Chief Executive Officer Rodzi Ahmad lauded the partnership with U Mobile as it is in line with the company’s purpose of providing last mile reach via its Open Access Network so that Malaysians will be able to gain access to high-speed fibre broadband. This partnership is especially timely and meaningful as demand for fibre broadband has increased as Malaysians are all working and learning from home due to the pandemic.


“Allo, together with partners like U Mobile, aim to bring high-speed connectivity throughout the country, and we are glad that our infrastructure allows our partners like U Mobile to reach their end-users, especially at a time when they need it the most. Allo understands the importance of staying ahead of the global curve, especially in a digitally-driven world, and together, we can grow to ensure robust, high quality and affordable digital connectivity for the well-being of the people and nation,” said Rodzi.


Rodzi congratulated U Mobile’s foray into fibre broadband and looks froward to the benefit the telco will bring to the community with its latest offering.

U Mobile’s Ultra Unlimited Home Fibre Broadband plans are available from today and the plans start at a low RM129 per month for the 100 Mbps plan, RM199 per month for the 500 Mbps plan and RM299 per month for the 1 Gbps plan. All plans are inclusive of modem and installation under a two-year contract.


To mark the launch of Ultra Unlimited Home Fibre Broadband, U Mobile is giving a 50% discount on the monthly fees of select plans for a period of 24 months to new and existing U Mobile customers who are subscribed to Giler Unlimited GX68, Unlimited HERO P79, P99 or P139 postpaid plans. This means that these U Mobile customers may enjoy high-speed fibre broadband from as low as RM64.50 monthly. On top of that, any U Mobile customer who signs up for Ultra Unlimited Home Fibre Broadband plans before 16 December 2021 and completes the fibre installation at their homes by 15 January 2022 will also be able to enjoy their first month free under the 24-month contract.


For more information about U Mobile’s Ultra Unlimited Home Fibre Broadband and on how to register, visit www.u.com.my/fbb


*Valid for all new and existing customers including new line registration, mobile number portability (MNP) port-ins, prepaid to postpaid conversions, and change of rate plans to GX68, P79, P99 or P139.

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