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U Mobile Partners With Impact Malaysia To Transform Spacerubix and Other Youth-Centric Community Spaces Into Vibrant Art Murals With Connectivity

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 JULY 2019 – U Mobile, the data-centric and multiple award-winning telco, and Impact Malaysia, an agency under the purview of Ministry of Youth & Sports for youth development and social innovation, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will see U Mobile transform various youth-centric community spaces across Malaysia into vibrant art murals.The initiative, supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), will have the unveiling of its first transformation in September at Spacerubix, a community event space and the home of Impact Malaysia, located in Puchong, Selangor.


Through this collaboration, apart from adding vibrancy to Spacerubix, U Mobile will also be equipping the space with free public high speed connectivity for one year. It is the telco’s hope that Spacerubix, once transformed, will become one of the best spaces in Klang Valley for youth-driven activities including, but not limited to, concerts, bazaars and workshops.


Other than Spacerubix, U Mobile has begun to explore other youth-centric community spaces, with the target of at least one more transformation within this year.


Alex Tan, Chief Sales Officer of U Mobile shared: “U Mobile has always believed in the unlimited potential of youths and we are very excited that Impact Malaysia has given us the opportunity to transform these public community spaces into vibrant art murals. Once completed, U Mobile believes youths will experience even greater joy in using these spaces be it for sports or for any other activity that showcases their unlimited potential.”


“The Unlimited Moves collaboration with U Mobile is our pilot ITB (Impact Through Business) initiative, towards a more vibrant connection of businesses to the impact-making ecosystem,” said Ahmed Faris Amir, Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Impact Malaysia.


“In this age of Industry 4.0, everyone deserves the right of quality Internet access. U Mobile’s contribution towards high speed Internet connectivity in Spacerubix will definitely increase the access to information and technology, especially for B40 communities around Puchong area, as well as contributing to the ecosystem of free public wifi. To sum it all, a youthful community space and high Internet connectivity is the formula towards unleashing unlimited youth potential.”


The MOU signing ceremony between U Mobile and Impact Malaysia took place at Menara KBS. The MOU was signed by Alex Tan, Chief Sales Officer of U Mobile and Ahmed Faris Amir, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Impact Malaysia, in the presence of YB Tuan Syed Saddiq bin Syed Abdul Rahman, Youth and Sports Minister of Malaysia.

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