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U Mobile Shines The Spotlight On The Unbeatable Spirit Of Datuk Abdul Latif, Red Hong Yi And More In Latest Iteration Of Unbeatable Campaign

  • U Mobile has teamed up with five inspiring Malaysians to showcase the spirit of unbeatable in latest film, a continuation of the telco’s ongoing Unbeatable postpaid campaign
  • In the short film, the likes of Datuk Abdul Latif Romly, Paralympic Gold medallist, and globally renowned contemporary artist Red Hong Yi, shed light on how their unbeatable strength helped them face various obstacles to achieve success. By telling their stories, U Mobile hopes to inspire all Malaysians to realise their full potential and be Unbeatable as well


Kuala Lumpur, 30 January 2023 – U Mobile has teamed up with five inspiring Malaysians who exemplify the Unbeatable spirit in their latest film, called The Unbeatables. The film aims to give a very personal perspective on the unbeatable strength that prominent Malaysians such as Datuk Abdul Latif Romly, Paralympic long jump Gold medallist; Red Hong Yi, globally renowned contemporary artist; Theena Thayalan, the youngest SUKMA boxing gold medallist; Azua Shafii, the national record holder for free diving; and Siti Rahmah, World Pencak Silat Championship and SEA Games Gold medallist; have to tap into to achieve their various success. Through this film, the telco hopes to inspire all Malaysians that ‘unbeatable’ is possible when they channel their own Unbeatable Spirit.


“As a Malaysian company, U Mobile is always seeking new ways to help Malaysians become unbeatable whether it is through our various customer engagements or through our products and services. Our latest film, The Unbeatables, is as the name suggests, a homage to Malaysian achievers who were able to overcome huge obstacles because they truly believed in their potential and had an unbeatable mindset. As the year has just started, we thought it’s an opportune time to shine the spotlight on their personal stories of resiliency so that other Malaysians will be inspired to adopt the Unbeatable spirit too. We hope this film motivates Malaysians from all walks of life to realise the best versions of themselves and be unbeatable,” said Navin Manian, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile.


"We tapped into the unexplainable, never-say-die attitude of the five personalities and their desire to challenge themselves to do better. They were selected for their passion, determination, and burning desire to be unbeatable. Each of them had a beautiful and inspiring story to tell, and we wanted to bring that story out as best we can. This film also reflects the spirit of U Mobile and it serves to prove that Malaysians can achieve anything, – even on a global scale,” said Kenny Pang, Associate Creative Director at TBWA KL.


“It was a challenging but wonderful campaign to ideate, plan and execute – choosing the right persona, stories to uncover, timelines to meet, schedules to accommodate, and various hurdles along the way, but I think we can be proud of the outcome. The agency, the production house, the client – we all came together to create this wonderful series of films. It was one of the best collaborative efforts I have been on,” Kenny continued.


Barney Chua, the film's director and head of Mojo Films which helmed the production, added, “I am enthralled by the extraordinary stories of these supposedly ‘ordinary people’. What makes them unbeatable is not the numerous accolades or awards, but their triumph over their personal demons. They are unbeatable because they dared to defeat their own biggest competitor — themselves. I am extremely grateful to these people whom I’ve called The Unbeatables who shared their incredible journey with me. We were truly inspired by the personal journey of these personalities. Their stories reminded us that sometimes our biggest adversary is ourselves and we can always push ourselves to go beyond even at our lowest moment. We believe their stories will be an inspiration to everyone.”


The latest film is also celebrating U Mobile’s new suite of plans that redefine the postpaid experience. The new U Postpaid plans offer consumers unbeatable features and benefits to meet the connectivity and lifestyle needs of today, such as up to 1000GB of ultra-fast 5G or 4G data, free global roaming data, and incoming calls in 63 destinations, as well as easy ownership of 5G devices through U PayLater and U SaveMore. Subscribers can also share their massive 1000GB data quota with up to six U FamilyShare lines. In all, U Mobile’s prepaid and postpaid subscribers will be able to access a seamless 5G experience with unbeatable connectivity at no extra cost with the telco’s latest plans.



Check out The Unbeatables at u.com.my/unbeatables 

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