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Mr Sio Tat Hiang serves as Non-Executive Director on the board of ST Telemedia (STT) and Deputy Chairman of STT Communications.

He is also Chairman of ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC) in India, Vice Chairman of GDS Holdings, Chairman of Virtus in the UK and Director of U Mobile.

Mr Sio was previously Chairman of STT GDC in Singapore and Executive Director of STT. He is a key member of STT’s founding team and played a vital role in the company’s development and growth including the formation of STT GDC.

Prior to STT, Mr Sio has held various senior roles in corporate finance and investment management at Singapore Technologies, the former parent of STT.

Mr Sio graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours from the former University of Singapore, and completed the Senior Management Programme at London Business School in the UK.

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