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The ocean of calm, Alex, is our CSO responsible for leading the company's strategic partnerships, implementing our go-to-market plans and business expansion efforts for consumer sales in the prepaid and postpaid divisions as well as handling channel distribution, trade marketing, and channel support operations.


Alex holds a Master of Business Administration Degree in Marketing from Charles Sturt University of Australia.


Alex has more than 25 years of working experience in domestic and international trade, sales and management positions having worked with companies in various industries including Fuji Xerox, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and DiGi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd.


Prior to joining U Mobile, Alex was the General Manager for Channel & Distribution at PT Axis Indonesia and prior to that the Chief Commercial Officer at PT Mobile-8 (FREN) Indonesia.


In his high-pressure role, Alex remains the pragmatic voice of reason and commands the utmost respect of his dynamic team. On days off, he enjoys golf, reading and travel.

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