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Norfazidah Abu Bakar, or Fazie as she prefers to be called, was appointed as our Chief Corporate Services Officer in December 2019. Fazie has close to 20 years of HR experience after graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Human Resource and Finance from Washington State University.


Fazie has held various HR roles in finance and IT sectors, both in local organisations as well as in multinationals such as MIMOS Berhad, AXA AFFIN General Insurance Berhad and AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad. In these roles, she partnered with senior business leaders and leading HR specialists to bring out the best in employees to achieve organisational goals.


Her personal motto is “Expand Your Horizon, Realise The Differences”. She hopes that with her motto and varied experiences combined, she will be able to grow, build and strengthen U Mobile’s culture and human capital assets in a dynamic industry where digital innovation is the name of the game. In short, she hopes to bring out the unlimited potential of all at U Mobile.


Fazie is a strong believer in work-life integration, hence her personal time revolves around her family whom she fondly refers to on Instagram as her King, Panglima and Srikandi. She is an avid traveller as well as it keeps her engine roaring and once again, enables her to apply her personal motto.

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