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Heang Tuck, our Boss Orange, was officially appointed CEO in April, 2014.


Since he joined U Mobile as COO in 2013, his leadership and strategic vision has helped steer U Mobile’s revenue growth and market growth to outperform the industry average.


He holds an MBA from Imperial College, London and a Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester.


He has more than two decades of experience in finance, business and corporate development.


Prior to joining U Mobile, Heang Tuck was CFO of WBL Corporation Limited, a multinational conglomerate listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore.


He was also CFO of KS Energy Limited in Singapore and of telco PT Indosat in Indonesia. Before that, he held senior positions in various companies in the 10 years he was attached to Keppel Corporation of Singapore.


Heang Tuck has an engineer’s mind with a knack for numbers but always charts the course for his team in practical and holistic ways. Outside the boardroom, he seeks bold fashion and great food.

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