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U Biz 5G OFFICE Broadband.​
Elevate Your Business with Seamless Connectivity.

Empower your business with 5G and enjoy fibre-like speed for an improved productivity. Sign up today with NO UPFRONT PAYMENT!​

5G Wireless Broadband​

5G Wireless Broadband​

Unlimited 5G Broadband for seamless business connection anytime, anywhere.

Faster Speeds & Lower Latency

Faster Speeds & Lower Latency

Ultra-fast speeds and minimal delay with unparalleled connectivity.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Instant connectivity with seamless installation and setup. 

U Mobile Biz. 5G Makes Business Sense.

5G Office

U Mobile reserves the right to change the 5G router of similar value based on stock availability or any other necessary changes Terms & Conditions apply. 

How to insert your U Biz 5G OFFICE SIM card into our Wi-Fi 6 5G Router


Step 1
Locate the SIM slot at the bottom of the device​.​

Step 2
Align the SIM notch so the orientation matches the illustration. Do not forcibly insert the SIM as it will only go in one way. Please note that only nano SIM cards can be used.​

Step 3
Insert SIM with the golden contacts facing up​.​

Step 4
Push the SIM card into the slot until you hear a click, and your device is now ready to use.​

Stay Connected anywhere for your Biz!​

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Oops, your area is not in coverage.
Select to View

5G Network

Rapidly expanding. Check if 5G is available at your location.

4G Network

Yay! You have 4G coverage as your best available network.

Future Coverage

New coverage sites are in progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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Shopee Seller Offer Campaign
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"Point-to-point", "value": "point-to-point", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/business/enterprise-solutions/point-to-point.html" }, { "title": "U Biz Private Network", "value": "u-biz-private-network", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/business/enterprise-solutions/u-biz-private-network.html" }, { "title": "U Biz Managed WiFi", "value": "u-biz-managed-wifi", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/business/enterprise-solutions/u-biz-managed-wifi.html" } ] }, { "title": "Error Message", "value": "error-message", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/business/error-message.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [] }, { "title": "Search Results", "value": "search-results", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/business/search-results.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [] }, { "title": "Online Bill Payment​", "value": "postpaid-pay-bill", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/business/postpaid-pay-bill.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [ { "title": "Postpaid Pay Bill Status", "value": "postpaid-pay-bill-status", 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