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Pay Online

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Self Care Portal
Online Bill Payment

Pay your bills quickly and securely via our Self Care portal.

{ "stepList": [{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/01-enter-account-details.png","stepTitle":"Enter Account Details ​","stepDesc":"Type in your U Mobile account number and the required details.​","step":1},{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/02-insert-bill-amount.png","stepTitle":"Insert Bill Amount ​","stepDesc":"Enter your payment amount. ​","step":2},{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/03-choose-payment-method.png","stepTitle":"Choose Payment Method​","stepDesc":"Select your preferred payment method. ​","step":3},{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/04-confirm-payment.png","stepTitle":"Confirm Payment ​","stepDesc":"Confirm your payment details and proceed to make payment. ​","step":4}] }
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Pay Through Your Preferred Banking Channels ​

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Internet Banking​
Direct Transfer ​
Auto Debit

JomPAY accepts payment from any Savings, Current or Credit Card Account of any banks in Malaysia. Just login to your preferred Internet or Mobile Banking channel and pay with the Biller Code and Reference Number stated on your bill.


Biller Code: 88880


How to pay via JomPay:

{ "stepList": [{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/01-login-to-acc.png","stepTitle":"Login To Account ​","stepDesc":"Login to your preferred Internet or Mobile Banking Channel.","step":1},{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/02-choose-payment-method.png","stepTitle":"Choose Payment Method ​","stepDesc":"Select\u0026nbsp;\u003cb\u003eJomPAY\u003c/b\u003e\u0026nbsp;from the pay\u0026nbsp;bills menu.\u0026nbsp;","step":2},{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/03-enter-personal-details.png","stepTitle":"Enter Required Details ​","stepDesc":"Fill in the required information and click submit.","step":3},{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/04-confirm-details.png","stepTitle":"Confirm Details ​","stepDesc":"Verify the information before confirming the transaction.","step":4},{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/05-transaction-completed.png","stepTitle":"Transaction Completed ","stepDesc":"A unique JomPAY Reference No. will be provided upon successful transaction.","step":5}] }
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We accept online payments from the following banks:


CIMB Savings and Current account


Maybank Savings and Current account

Pay your bills via direct fund transfer to the following account:​

  • Bank: CIMB​

  • Account name: U Mobile Sdn Bhd​

  • Bank Account no.: 98855 9004 00001​

  • Recipient Reference*: <Enter U Mobile Postpaid Account e.g. 5.xxxxx or 1.xxxxxxxx>​

Email a screenshot of your transfer slip to enterprise.payment@u.com.my with your company’s name, company’s U Mobile Postpaid Account No. (e.g. 5.123456 or 1.12345678 or 5.12345.00.00.100001) and amount paid.

How to activate Auto Debit for your Visa, Mastercard or American Express Credit Card:

{ "stepList": [{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/01-enter-your-login.svg","stepTitle":"Enter Your Login ​","stepDesc":"Login to Self Care or MyUMobile App.","step":1},{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/02-choose-payment-method.svg","stepTitle":"Choose Payment Method ​","stepDesc":"Go to the bill payment page and select \u003cb\u003eAuto Debit. \u003c/b\u003e","step":2},{"stepImg":"/content/dam/u-mobile/business/self-help/bill-payment-method/03-confirm-payment.svg","stepTitle":"Confirm Payment ​","stepDesc":"Enter your card details to confirm your registration for Auto Debit service. Once successful, you\u0027ll receive a confirmation from us.","step":3}] }
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Walk-in Payments ​

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U Mobile Store
Other Locations

Pay your bills via cash, cheque or card.​

We accept the following cards :​

  • Locally issued Visa, Mastercard or AMEX credit cards​

  • Locally issued Visa and MasterCard debit cards​

  • ATM card bearing the word “Bankcard”

Pos Malaysia (Cash only with physical bill). ​

Get More Help With U Mobile​

Get in touch with us via the following channels for further assistance.​

email us

Email Us

Send us an email and we'll get back to you.


email us

Locate us​

Drop by your nearest U Mobile store.​


email us


​Need help urgently? Call us at

+6018 388 1318

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