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Terms & Conditions

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  1. General

    1. U Biz 5G plan (“Plan”) is available as a stand-alone internet access service (“Service”). You must comply with the Terms of Service of our Postpaid Service, our Privacy Notice and these additional terms and conditions, (collectively, the “Terms”) all which are available on www.u.com.my.

    2. In the event of any conflicts or inconsistencies between these terms and conditions and the Terms of Service of our Postpaid Service, these terms shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistencies.

    3. We may revise the Terms, the Service or our pricing without any liability. We may provide reasonable advance notice of such changes. You are advised to regularly check the Terms on our website. Your continued usage of the Service signifies your acceptance of the changes to these terms, the Service or our pricing. If you do not agree to any of the changes, you must immediately terminate your subscription to the Service.
  2. Service Description:

    1. The Plan is a data service only (with base data of 1000GB) (“FUP Limit”) which provides access to the Internet and related services. The Service is subject to 4G and 5G network availability and your own device capability. The Service is only available at selected coverage areas. You can check if your area is within the Service coverage area by visiting www.u.com.my.

    2. The Plan is only applicable for domestic usage and will not be available when you are roaming overseas. Data consumption is counted in MB increments. Non-data use (voice, SMS/MMS, video calls, content subscription services, roaming and international call services) is not available in your Plan.

    3. The Plan is applicable for hotspot and non-hotspot usage.

    4. The Plan is subject to our Fair Usage Policy (“FUP”) as defined in the Terms of Service of our Postpaid Service. Upon reaching the FUP Limit, the speed will be reduced to 512kbps. There is no quota limit for browsing on reduced speed.
  3. Eligibility

    1. To be an account holder, you are to be the employees of selected organizations who are Malaysian citizens and of the age 18 years old or older at the date of sign up either under corporate individual (“Corporate Individual”) or corporate official (“Corporate Official”) account.

    2. We are not responsible for any Internet content that may be obtained via the Plan. You must ensure that the software you used with the Plan is properly licensed. You must not resell, share, or otherwise distribute the Plan to a third party.

    3. You are allowed to perform Change Rate Plan (CRP) from your existing Wireless Broadband (WBB48, WBB68, WBB88 or WBB128) plans to the Plan provided that you do not have any ongoing Wireless Broadband plans’ contract with U Mobile. Any unused data allowance or benefit from your existing Wireless Broadband data plan will be forfeited. You must accept the terms and conditions of the new data plan.

    4. You are not entitled to perform the CRP from the Plan to other U Mobile products including prepaid and postpaid.

    5. You are not eligible for the Plan if you have any outstanding payments with us.
  4. Deposit and Upfront Advance Fee

    1. For non-Malaysians, a RM500 deposit is required for the Plan.

    2. The Upfront Advance Fee (which is the amount equal to the Monthly Fee) is charged during registration. The Upfront Advance Fee will be used to offset against your first month’s bill any remaining balance of the Upfront Advance Fee will be carried forward to your following month’s bill where you will then be required to pay the remaining balance of the bill.

    3. For CRP subscribers from Wireless Broadband (WBB) plans, you are required to make an Upfront Advance Fee payment upon registration of the Plan. The Upfront Advance Fee of the old WBB plan will be refunded to you upon settlement all the outstanding charges of old plan.
  5. Monthly Fee

    1. The pricing table for the data plans under the Plan is set out on our website at u.com.my. If your pricing plan sets out a maximum amount of data that you can use to download and upload, any unused data allowance expires each month or day (depending on your data plan) and cannot be rolled over for use and will be forfeited.

    2. Your first month data charges will be prorated. For following month, your monthly data charges are payable for each full monthly billing period. If the Plan is terminated before the end of your billing cycle, your monthly data charges will be pro-rated.

    3. You must pay the Monthly Fee in full even if you do not use the Plan to the full value of the service for the month, and no part of the Monthly Fee will be carried over to the following months. Any usage exceeding the Monthly Fee will be billed to you on monthly basis. Monthly Fee may be used interchangeably with Access Fee or Monthly Access Fee in www.u.com.my or in your bill.

    4. All prices stated in these Terms are exclusive of all current and future taxes and other similar charges such as service tax, goods and services tax, sales tax and value added tax that may be imposed by any authority.
  6. Experience

    1. Your actual download speed and data capacity based on your pricing plan vary and are affected but not limited, by your distance from our 4G or 5G mobile network tower, the capacity of our mobile tower, the source of your download, your handset type and quality, your hardware and software and the general Internet traffic.

    2. You are responsible for monitoring your own data use. Any usage meter which we make available for checking your data allowance balance is provided as a convenience to you. The usage shown in the usage meter is an indication only and is not the actual amount. Your actual usage will be recorded in your monthly bill. You may download the MyUMobile App to view your data usage.

    3. For full experience with the Plan, you must ensure your connected device is either 4G LTE capable device or 5G-ready device. Your use of the Service is dependent on the hardware and software that you use. We do not make any representation or warranty that our SIM or Service will be compatible with your hardware and software.

    4. We may monitor your account to ensure you are complying with the Terms. We will investigate misuse of the Plan. If we find that you have misused the Plan, we may recover from you any costs of investigating the misuse and any compensation we are required to pay to regulators or other parties as a result of your misuse.

    5. The Service will be provided on a “as-is” and “where-is” basis. We disclaim all liability in relation to the Service including but not limited to the availability, accessibility, timeliness, continuous and uninterrupted use of the Service or secured access to the Service.
  7. Termination

    1. The Service will continue until terminated by you (except where you have subscribed to an add-on data plan where the Plan continues until your data allowance expires or is used up, whichever occurs earlier) or until terminated by us according to the Terms.

    2. You may contact our Customer Service via 018 388 1318 or walk-in to our service centres to request for termination of the Plan.


Version:12 July 2023


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