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Terms & Conditions

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U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX68 Biz, Hero P79 Biz, Unlimited Hero P99 Biz and P139 Biz Plan with Devices Terms and Conditions


Device Bundle or Standalone Service


a.     Postpaid Giler Unlimited GX68 Biz, Hero P79 Biz, Unlimited Hero P99 Biz and P139 Biz Postpaid plans are available as a bundled service with a          Device (GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz Device Bundle) or as a stand-alone service (GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz) and is

        subject to the Terms of Service of the respective Postpaid plans, including our Privacy Notice. These additional terms and conditions and any add

        on services such as voice or SMS Postpaid Add-on Packs are governed by separate terms and conditions (collectively, the Terms), all of which are

        available on www.u.com.my/biz.


b.     You can use GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz via the Devices only, such as a MiFi and USB dongle. However, your Share 20 member line(s)

        under P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz can be used via MiFi or USB dongle. We may from time to time change the Device requirements for GX68 Biz,

        P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz at our absolute discretion.


GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz Device Bundle


1.     The rate table guide for the rate plan under this Device Bundle is as set out on our website at



2.    a. All GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz Device Bundle subscribers are required to pay an upfront payment and device price upon sign up. The

           upfront payment will vary depending on the Device model that you have chosen as shown in https://www.u.com.my/en/business/devices


        b. For Non-Malaysian citizens, a deposit of RM500 is required to be paid upon sign up, in addition to the upfront payment and Device price. When

            GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz is terminated, this deposit will be refunded free of interest after all outstanding charges have been paid.


3.     Once you have paid the upfront payment upon sign up, that upfront payment will then be reflected as a monthly rebate in your monthly bills

        throughout the Commitment Period of 24 months from your first bill, subject to the bill cycle.


4.     The upfront payment will be waived if at the time you register for the GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz Device Bundle, you have fulfilled the

        upfront payment waiver criteria set by U Mobile. Eligibility of upfront payment waiver is solely at U Mobile’s own discretion.


5.     If you terminate the GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz Device Bundle or change to another rate plan at any time within the Commitment Period,

        the following will apply:


        a.     For subscribers who are not entitled to the upfront payment waiver and have paid for the upfront payment, your remaining monthly rebate will be



        b.     For subscribers who are entitled to the upfront payment waiver and no upfront payment is required to be made, you are required to refund the

                balance of the device subsidy amount. The device subsidy amount is equivalent to the upfront payment amount. The device subsidy amount is

                determined by U Mobile at our sole discretion.


The balance of device subsidy will be calculated as follows: Device subsidy amount / Commitment Period x remaining numbers of months (from the termination date/change of rate plan date to the expiry of the Commitment Period)


The remaining number of months will be deemed to include the month during which you terminated the GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz Device Bundle or performed the change of rate plan.


6.     All claims relating to your Device, which is part of the GX68 Biz, P79 Biz, P99 Biz or P139 Biz Device Bundle and which are covered by the warranty, if

        any, should be referred to the relevant manufacturer. We do not provide any warranty claim on any Device.


7.     U Mobile may block or restrict theuse of the Device during the Commitment Period if

        (i) U Mobile suspects or finds that you have committed fraud; or

        (ii) despite our reminders, you have failed to remit the monthly fees of your Postpaid plan for a continuous period of three (3) consecutive months from

             the activation of the Device plan or any other period as determined by U Mobile from time to time.


8.     U Mobile may unblock the use of the Device upon receipt of the outstanding payment and upon your request to unblock the use of the Device, if your

        Device use is blocked due to non-payment of the Monthly Fees of your chosen rate plan.


9.     If your Device is blocked due to fraud or suspected fraud, you may be requested to contact U Mobile’s customer service for further instructions.


10.  You remain liable for the Monthly Fees if you lose your Device, if your account is barred or suspended, or if your use of Device is blocked, for any



11.  Miscellaneous


Commitment Period is the pre-agreed duration for which you are required to subscribe to the Services.


“Device” refers to the devices you are eligible to purchase under the respective GX68, P79, P99 or P139 Device Bundle plans.


Monthly Fee is the monthly fee that you are required to pay for your Postpaid plan and may be used interchangeably with Access Fee or Monthly Access Fee in www.u.com.my or in your bill.



Version Date: 19 May 2022

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