Heang Tuck, our Boss Orange, was officially appointed CEO in April, 2014.

Since he joined U Mobile as COO in 2013, his leadership and strategic vision has helped steer U Mobile’s revenue growth and market growth to outperform the industry average.

He holds an MBA from Imperial College, London and a Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester.

He has more than two decades of experience in finance, business and corporate development.

Prior to joining U Mobile, Heang Tuck was CFO of WBL Corporation Limited, a multinational conglomerate listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore.

He was also CFO of KS Energy Limited in Singapore and of telco PT Indosat in Indonesia. Before that, he held senior positions in various companies in the 10 years he was attached to Keppel Corporation of Singapore.

Heang Tuck has an engineer’s mind with a knack for numbers but always charts the course for his team in practical and holistic ways. Outside the boardroom, he seeks bold fashion and great food.

As our colourful and dynamic CMO, Jasmine’s strength lies in humanising technology by making its adoption simple, fun and engaging.

Her high-touch is evident in U Mobile’s product development, product marketing and management, brand and marketing communications, customer experience management and everything in between.

Jasmine was recently named “Asia’s Most Influential CMO” by CMO Asia at the 24th World Brand Congress in recognition of exemplary customer engagement strategies, influence and data-driven marketing, harnessing the power of contextual intelligence, demonstrating integrity, teamwork, diversity awareness and good conflict-resolution skills.

She has 20 years’ worth of hardcore experience after graduating with a B.A. (Hons.) in Communications Studies from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

Previous tours of duty includes a stint at AirAsia Berhad as the Commercial Director for all top-line matters. She was co-founder and CEO of the successful start-up MNC Wireless Berhad, taking it to an IPO listing and numerous telco awards and recognition. Prior to that, she powered branding initiatives at DiGi Telecommunications Berhad and Sony (M) Sdn Bhd.

Jasmine lives life in hyper-speed – travelling to exotic places and cooking for her family & friends. She is a hardcore online shopper and Instagram addict.

Neil was appointed as CIO in February 2018. Neil joined U Mobile from MTN Next!, a telecoms multinational based in South Africa which operates in 22 countries and has an annual turnover of USD14 billion.

He was responsible for leading the development and implementation of MTN Group’s Global’s back office transformation strategy.

Chiat Chiat joined U Mobile in March 2017 as our Chief Financial Officer.

She is an accountancy graduate from the National University of Singapore and prior to joining U Mobile, she was most recently with StarHub Group. In her 18 years in StarHub Group, she held various roles overseeing areas such as operational financial controls and advocacy of financial disciplines.

Her role may be high pressured, but Chiat Chiat maintains her cool by doing the things she love, like whipping up a storm in the kitchen, indulging in retail therapy, singing her heart out at concerts and pampering herself at the spa. Funnily enough, Korean movies – despite their drama - keeps her sane!

The ocean of calm, Alex, is our CSO responsible for leading the company's strategic partnerships, implementing our go-to-market plans and business expansion efforts for consumer sales in the prepaid and postpaid divisions as well as handling channel distribution, trade marketing, and channel support operations.

Alex holds a Master of Business Administration Degree in Marketing from Charles Sturt University of Australia.

Alex has more than 25 years of working experience in domestic and international trade, sales and management positions having worked with companies in various industries including Fuji Xerox, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and DiGi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd.

Prior to joining U Mobile, Alex was the General Manager for Channel & Distribution at PT Axis Indonesia and prior to that the Chief Commercial Officer at PT Mobile-8 (FREN) Indonesia.

In his high-pressure role, Alex remains the pragmatic voice of reason and commands the utmost respect of his dynamic team. On days off, he enjoys golf, reading and travel.

Woon was appointed as CTO in August 2018. Woon joined U Mobile with two decades of related experience with companies such as Total Access Communication (Dtac) in Thailand, Digi Telecommunications, Malaysia as well as Ericsson, Malaysia.

Woon’s role is to oversee and rollout U Mobile’s robust network expansion strategy with the goal of making U Mobile the leading telco for customer experience.

Norfazidah Abu Bakar, or Fazie as she prefers to be called, was appointed as our Chief Corporate Services Officer in December 2019. Fazie has close to 20 years of HR experience after graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Human Resource and Finance from Washington State University.

Fazie has held various HR roles in finance and IT sectors, both in local organisations as well as in multinationals such as MIMOS Berhad, AXA AFFIN General Insurance Berhad and AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad. In these roles, she partnered with senior business leaders and leading HR specialists to bring out the best in employees to achieve organisational goals.

Her personal motto is “Expand Your Horizon, Realise The Differences”. She hopes that with her motto and varied experiences combined, she will be able to grow, build and strengthen U Mobile’s culture and human capital assets in a dynamic industry where digital innovation is the name of the game. In short, she hopes to bring out the unlimited potential of all at U Mobile.

Fazie is a strong believer in work-life integration, hence her personal time revolves around her family whom she fondly refers to on Instagram as her King, Panglima and Srikandi. She is an avid traveller as well as it keeps her engine roaring and once again, enables her to apply her personal motto.