Your Old Device
With U Mobile

At U Mobile, we believe that it is time we reevaluated the way we discard our gadgets and start thinking about the safety and health of future generations.
Heres how you can help.

Recycle Your Old Devices

Bring them to a U Store and recycle them via our collection boxes

Tell Your

Spread the word and get your friends to recycle their unwanted devices

Turn In Old Accessories

Your phone isn't the only thing with metal components. Batteries and chargers do too!

Management of

With mobile devices so prevalent in today's society, the proper management of e-waste becomes extremely important.

Here's how recycling can help:

Reusing Natural Resources

Earth's resources are finite. Without proper management, they will eventually run out. Making new products out of recycled materials reduces the need to consume precious resources and helps achieve sustainable development.

Conserving Nature

Mining for rare earth minerals used in mobile devices can have serious environmental consequences if not properly managed. By reusing what we already have, we cut down on the need to mine for more.

Preventing Contamination

By recycling our electronic waste, we stop contaminants from accumulating in landfills and eventually leaking into the environment, thus preventing further pollution.

Turning A Profit

We’re sitting on a wealth of precious metals in the form of electronic waste. With proper recycling techniques, these metals can be recovered and sold for profit in a process known as ‘urban mining’, creating additional jobs for the community.

Common Contaminants

Here are some common toxic components found in mobile devices and the damage they can cause to human health.

  • lung disease
  • kidney damage
  • skeletal lesions
  • itai-itai disease
  • kidneys damage
  • memory problems
  • movement disorders
  • psychosis
  • skin damage
  • kidney dysfunction
  • neuropsychiatric symptoms
  • memory impairment
  • insomnia
  • damages the central nervous system
  • headaches
  • memory loss
  • kidney failure
  • abdominal pain
The Dangers of

Everyone wants the latest and greatest mobile device, but what happens to old devices that get thrown out? Electronic components found in today's mobile devices often contain contaminants such as lead, cadmium and mercury, and can cause serious environmental and health issues if improperly dealt with.

Discarded mobile devices & accessories are transported to landfill

Non-biodegradable toxic components accumulate

Toxic materials leak into environment, e.g. groundwater

As more mobile devices get discarded, pollution becomes a serious problem

Toxic contaminants causes health issues within the local population

Did you

Guiyu, China is often referred to as the ‘e-waste capital of the world’. A recent investigation found that 82% of Guiyu children had an average blood/lead level of 149. A figure above 100 is considered unsafe by international health experts.