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Be 5G-Ready Before it Hits the Streets

Be among the first to access our 5G network when it arrives with a 5G-compatible device.

ultra high speed

Ultra High-Speed

Enjoy ultra high-speed that 5G offers as soon as it rolls out.

enjoy heavy

Enjoy Heavy Usage

Download large files in seconds, stream movies in 4K high definition.

upgrade now

Upgrade Now

Upgrade now to get the best deals and lowest prices on 5G devices.                                                                       

Jump on the 5G bandwagon with these 5G devices


Galaxy S22 Ultra


From RM179/month
with UPackage

oppo Reno7 Pro

OPPO Reno7 Pro


From RM79/month
with UPackage

samsung S22+

Galaxy S22+ 


From RM129/month
with UPackage

oppo Reno7

OPPO Reno7


From RM39/month
with UPackage

Samsung S22

Galaxy S22


From RM109/month
with UPackage

S21 FE

Samsung S21 FE


From RM79/month
with UPackage

vivo X70 pro

vivo X70 Pro


From RM89/month
with UPackage

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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Maybank", "value": "banking-carnival-campaign-maybank", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/deals/banking-carnival-campaign-maybank.html" }, { "title": "Banking Carnival Campaign - Bank Rakyat & Bank Muamalat", "value": "banking-carnival-campaign-irakyat-imuamalat", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/deals/banking-carnival-campaign-irakyat-imuamalat.html" }, { "title": "Banking Carnival Campaign - CIMB Bank", "value": "banking-carnival-campaign-cimb", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/deals/banking-carnival-campaign-cimb.html" }, { "title": "Banking Carnival Campaign - Public Bank", "value": "banking-carnival-campaign-pbb", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/deals/banking-carnival-campaign-pbb.html" }, { "title": "Prepaid Promo", "value": "good-deals-for-u", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/deals/good-deals-for-u.html" }, { "title": "Pakej Perpaduan - 180 Days Validity | U Mobile", "value": "pakej-perpaduan", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/deals/pakej-perpaduan.html" }, { "title": "Student Data Package", "value": "student-package", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/deals/student-package.html" }, { "title": "RM0 Phones for Everyone", "value": "rm0-phones", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/deals/rm0-phones.html" }, { "title": "MyUMobile Rewards", "value": "giler-rewards", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/deals/giler-rewards.html" } ] }, { "title": "Why U Mobile", "value": "why-u-mobile", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/why-u-mobile.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [] }, { "title": "Support", "value": "support", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [ { "title": "FAQs", "value": "faqs", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/faqs.html" }, { "title": "Find a Store", "value": "store-finder", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/store-finder.html" }, { "title": "Speedtest", "value": "speedtest", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/speedtest.html" }, { "title": "Terms & Conditions", "value": "terms-conditions", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/terms-conditions.html" }, { "title": "Contact Us", "value": "contact-us", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/contact-us.html" }, { "title": "MyUMobile App", "value": "myumobile-app", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/myumobile-app.html" }, { "title": "Important Notices", "value": "important-notices", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/important-notices.html" }, { "title": "Self Help ", "value": "self-help", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/self-help.html" }, { "title": "Scam Awareness", "value": "scam-awareness", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/scam-awareness.html" }, { "title": "Network", "value": "network", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/support/network.html" } ] }, { "title": "Error Message", "value": "error-message", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/error-message.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [] }, { "title": "Search Results", "value": "search-results", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/search-results.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [] }, { "title": "Offline Device Stock Check", "value": "offline-device-stock-check", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/offline-device-stock-check.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [] }, { "title": "Prepaid Top Up", "value": "prepaid-top-up", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/prepaid-top-up.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [ { "title": "Prepaid Top Up Status", "value": "prepaid-top-up-status", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/prepaid-top-up/prepaid-top-up-status.html" } ] }, { "title": "Online Bill Payment​", "value": "postpaid-pay-bill", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/postpaid-pay-bill.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [ { "title": "Postpaid Pay Bill Status", "value": "postpaid-pay-bill-status", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/postpaid-pay-bill/postpaid-pay-bill-status.html" } ] }, { "title": "site-maintenance", "value": "site-maintenance", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/site-maintenance.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [] }, { "title": "5G Now", "value": "5g-now", "url": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/5g-now.html", "isGroupLabel": true, "childList": [] } ], "dropdownDefault": "/content/u-mobile/en/personal/devices/5g-devices-original.html", "breadCrumbs": [] }
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