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Stay Connected with WeChat Go SIM Pack

Your essential pack for a trip to Malaysia! ​

Unlimited Data​

Unlimited Data​

All you-can-use data for WeChat App.

High Speed Data

High-Speed Data

Surf high-speed data throughout Malaysia. ​

Free Voice Calls ​

Free Voice Calls ​

Free voice calls within Malaysia and to China.​

3 Plans to Suit Your Data Needs​

Choose your WeChat Go plan now. ​


✓  2.5GB High-Speed Data

✓  7 Days Validity

✓  20mins Free Call (Local/ IDD to China)

✓  12sen/SMS

✓  Unlimited Data 


✓  5GB High-Speed Data

✓  15 Days Validity

✓  50mins Free Call (Local/ IDD to China)

✓  12sen/SMS

✓  Unlimited Data 


✓  5GB High-Speed Data

✓  15 days Validity

✓  60mins Free Call (Local/ IDD to China)

✓  Unlimited SMS

✓  Unlimited Data

✓  Unlimited Basic Data

✓  1GB Roaming Data (within Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia)

*The new WeChat Go 2.5GB and 5GB SIM packs are available for purchase only in China.​

How to Register and Activate your SIM​

Step 1

Scan QR code​

step 5

Scan the QR code via​ WeChat app or search for U Mobile 乐游卡 in Mini Program. 

Step 2

Register SIM

step 6

Register your U Mobile WeChat Go SIM before arriving in Malaysia.​

Step 3
Activate SIM

step 7

Dial *328*8# to activate SIM once you are in Malaysia​.

Note: Your registered WeChat Go SIM must be activated within 180 days from the date of registration. Activation can only be done once you have arrived in Malaysia.​

How to Use WeChat Go SIM Pack ​

Check Balance
Make Calls
Data Settings
Contact U Mobile


step 1

Checking Your Balance

To check balance, dial *328#.​


step 1

Call a Malaysian Number:​

If the Malaysian number is 018 232 8221, just dial 018 232 8221.​


step 2

Call a Chinese Number:​

Dial 0086+ [Chinese number]​

e.g. If the Chinese number is 13912345678, dial 0086 13912345678.


step 3

Call SIM Card from a Non-Malaysian Number:​

Dial 0060 + [SIM card number at the back of your card without the first ‘0’ ]​

e.g. If the SIM card number is 018 232 8221, dial 0060 18 232 8221.​

Upon arrival in Malaysia or any selected roaming country → Switch off your phone → Insert SIM card → Switch on your phone → Switch on data roaming → Restart your phone.​

95% of phones can be used without changing the settings. If you still cannot connect to mobile data, please follow the instructions below:


step 1

How to Set up Data Roaming​

Settings → Cellular → Cellular Data ON → Cellular Data Options → Select 3G/4G Networks → Data Roaming ON → EU Internet OFF (if applicable) .​

step 2

How to Setup the APN​

Settings → Cellular → Cellular Data Options → Cellular Data Network (APN: mi3g, Name: U Mobile) → Restart your phone.​




step 1

How to Set up Data Roaming​

Settings → More → Mobile Network → Data Roaming.

step 2

How to Setup the APN​

Settings → More → Mobile Network → Access Point Name → New APN (APN: mi3g, Name: U Mobile) → Restart your phone.​

For dual SIM card phones, please insert your SIM Card in SIM 1, and leave SIM 2 empty.​


step 1

U Mobile Help and Support​

To contact us, call our hotline at +60 18 388 1318 (24 hours, 7 days a week)​

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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