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Lower IDD rates with Best IDD 1310

Save more when you call business partners and clients with Best IDD 1310. Click on the flags to view our lower rates.

I Want To Call Someone In
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Rates shown above are not applicable for roaming, satellite, premium calls, special service numbers and selected destinations.
Click here to view the special rates.


*New IDD rates apply for selected destinations on the New 5G-Ready Prepaid SIM Pack.​

How to Make Calls Using Best IDD 1310

Dial 1310 before the number you want to call.

1310 <Country Code> <Area Code> <Mobile or Fixed Line Number>

E.g. Normal call to Indonesia

00 62 12 3456789

Best IDD 1310 call to Indonesia

1310 62 12 3456789

Free IDD Activation for Postpaid

Activating IDD is now FREE for all new and existing postpaid customers! Here’s how to activate your IDD: ​


Activate via MyUMobile App

Reach out to us through the MyUMobile App.

call us

Call Us​

Make sure your line is active and call us at 1318 to request for IDD activation.​

visit u mobile

Visit a U Mobile Store​

Make sure your line is active, then fill up the Service Request Form.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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