Protector Guard Insurance:-

(i) is a personal accident insurance policy which provides compensation in the event of death caused by Dengue Fever, accidental injuries or death or disablement caused solely and directly by violent, accidental, external and visible events. It also pays a daily hospital income for each day you are hospitalised due to dengue fever or accidental injury;


(ii) is offered and underwritten by Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad, 197001000564 (9827A) (“Chubb”) an insurer licensed under the Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia;




(iii) is distributed by U Mobile Services Sdn Bhd. Registration No. 200401034375 (672884-H), the wholly owned subsidiary of U Mobile Sdn Bhd Registration No. 199101013657 (223969-U) (“U Mobile”) and a corporate agent of Chubb who is authorised to distribute Protector Guard Insurance. Protector Guard Insurance is distributed and promoted to the customers of U Mobile.