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Network Outage

Search your area and discover our network.

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Network Status
No Network Issue
Our network is performing as expected at your searched location. If you experience any network interruption, report here


Known Network Issues
Sorry, there is an issue with the network at your searched location. You may experience network interruption.

Check here for more information and updates on the affected areas

If you are experiencing any service disruption after a scheduled maintenance or service, do enable and disable your device's flight mode to refresh the network connection. 

{ "plannedOutages": [{"id":5,"workStart":"2023-06-03 09:00:00","workEnd":"2023-06-03 22:00:00","state":"Sabah","area":"Keningau"},{"id":6,"workStart":"2023-06-03 09:00:00","workEnd":"2023-06-03 22:00:00","state":"Sarawak","area":"Kuching, Samarahan"},{"id":1,"workStart":"2023-06-02 09:00:00","workEnd":"2023-06-02 23:00:00","state":"Kuala Lumpur","area":"Batu"},{"id":2,"workStart":"2023-06-02 09:00:00","workEnd":"2023-06-02 20:00:00","state":"Perak","area":"Ulu Kinta"},{"id":3,"workStart":"2023-06-02 09:00:00","workEnd":"2023-06-02 22:00:00","state":"Sabah","area":"Keningau"},{"id":4,"workStart":"2023-06-02 09:00:00","workEnd":"2023-06-02 21:00:00","state":"Selangor","area":"Serendah"}], "stateLists": ["Kuala Lumpur","Perak","Sabah","Sarawak","Selangor"], "defaultDropdownLabel": "All States" }

There is currently no network outage planned.

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Work Start Work End State Area
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