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How Do I Detect A Scam?

U Mobile, along with any credible organisation, will never ask for your personal details (e.g. credit card number, TAC, passwords, etc) via e-mail, website, messaging app, SMS or over a call. If you are asked for this information, you may be a target of scammers. Here are some other common scam tactics to watch out for:

How Can I Protect Myself?

Anyone can be targeted by scammers, but you can stay vigilant and follow these tips to avoid from falling victim to scams or fraud.

Do Not Return Calls
Do not return calls/e-mails/messages


  • To avoid being scammed further, do not answer calls/e-mails/messages from unknown sources.
  • Do not return one-ring calls that could cause you to incur hefty international call fees.
Do Not Provide Personal Data
Do not provide personal data


  • Do not provide any personal information such as identification number, TAC, bank account details, credit card details or other information in response to any suspicious calls or e-mails.
  • If they say they have the information and just need to confirm it with you, that’s usually a trick.
Do Not Open Icons
Do not click open on suspicious texts, links, pop-up windows or attachments


  • If you are unsure of any texts, e-mails, or messages that you have received, always verify the identity of the contact sender by sourcing it independently.
  • Do not use contact details that were provided in the message sent to you.
Always Know Who You're Dealing With
Always know who you’re dealing with


  • If you’ve only met someone online or are unsure of the legitimacy of the company, always take some time to do a bit more research.
  • Do a search on Google, LinkedIn or any other social media platform to determine the profile and photo of the person.

Common Types Of Scams

Cyber criminals are constantly evolving and perfecting their schemes – we've identified some of the most common types of online and phone scams happening today:

Recognise and protect yourself from scams by reporting it immediately to CCID Scam Response Centre:

Centre Hotline

(8am - 8pm daily)

+6 03-2610 1599

+6 03-2610 1559

WhatsApp Channel

(8am - 12am daily)

+6 013-211 1222

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