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I am a U Mobile subscriber. Do I get to enjoy the Kidslox’s Premium Plan for free?
Yes, you will be granted a 30 days of free access to Kidslox’s Premium Plan. After the 30-day free trial, you will be moved to a Basic Plan. The Basic Plan is completely free but with limits on functionalities, i.e. number of schedules, devices and no Kidslox timer.
Do I need to do anything to enjoy the 30 days free trial?
No. If you are a U Mobile subscriber, you will automatically enjoy the service. However, it is very important to make sure that you are connected to U Mobile’s data network (turn off WiFi if available) when you download and register at the Kidslox apps.
After the 30-day free trial, how can I continue to enjoy the Premium Plan?
Login to the Kidslox App and select “Buy Kidslox subscription” and complete the payment process on Google Play or Apps Store.
What are the subscription plans available?
Available plans are as below:

Monthly subscription – RM8.99
6-month subscription – RM41.99
Annual subscription – RM77.99

Note: Pricing are indicative, please refer to actual the price displayed in apps during subscription.
I am a monthly plan subscriber, will my plan get renewed automatically?
Yes, all plans are renewed automatically. Your credit card will be charged automatically and your subscription will get renewed at the point of renewal.
Do I have to pay Kidslox for each device used?
No, you only need to pay for Kidslox on a per account basis. A Premium Plan allows you to add an unlimited number of devices at no additional cost. The free plan allows only 1 device to be controlled.
Is there any data charges for usage on this app?
Yes, standard data charges apply for app usage.
Can I manage my child’s device from my own device?
Yes, you can change your child’s profile remotely from your device. However, you will need to install the Kidslox app on your child’s device first. Once installed, login and select “Add this Device”. Repeat the same if you would like to add more devices.
Can Kidslox block specific apps?
On Android devices you can block individual apps or block entire categories of apps (e.g. Games). At the moment blocking individual apps is not something that’s possible on iOS as Apple does not allow it. Instead, you can either block all apps or block by age rating (ratings set by the app store).
Can Kidslox block web browsers including Safari?
Yes, Safari can be selectively blocked on iOS and on Android you can selectively block all Web browsers.