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GoInsure 3

  1. The GoInsure 3 plan:

    1. is offered and underwritten by Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad, Registration No. 197001000564 (9827A)(“Chubb”), an insurer licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia under the Financial Services Act 2013;

    2. is a master policy plan obtained by U Mobile Sdn Bhd. Registration No.199101013657 (223969-U) (“U Mobile”) for the benefit of its subscribers. The details of the master policy can be found at www.u.com.my/goinsure3.

    3. is distributed by U Mobile Services Sdn Bhd. Registration No. 200401034375 (672884-H), the wholly owned subsidiary of U Mobile and a corporate agent of Chubb who is authorised to distribute the GoInsure 3 plan;

    4. is an insurance product designed to cover you in the event of bodily injury arising from an accident that results in death or permanent disablement; and

    5. also provides coverage such as accidental medical expenses and bereavement benefits.

  2. In addition to the existing benefits provided under GoInsure 3 plan, for a limited time, the bereavement benefit has been extended to cover death due to Covid-19 if the purchase of the GoInsure 3 plan was made between 8 May 2020 and 31 December 2020. The coverage under this benefit has a seven (7) day waiting period (i.e. no Covid-19 benefit is payable within seven (7) days from the effective date of your GoInsure 3 coverage).

Kindly refer to the product disclosure sheet made available at https://www.chubb.com/my-en/campaign/goinsure.aspx for further details.

GoInsure 3 provides coverage for the following:

Benefits Sum Insured
Accidental Death RM 10,000
Accidental Disability RM 10,000
Accidental Medical Expenses RM 500 per annum
Bereavement expenses* due to accident RM2,500
Monthly Premium RM3.00 (inclusive of tax)
**extended to cover death due to Covid-19 in your 1st month of coverage, if you opt in for GoInsure 3 between the period of 8 May 2020 and 31 December 2020.

GoInsure 3 does not apply to any benefit arising directly or indirectly out of:

  1. deliberate self-inflicted injury, suicide or, criminal or illegal act;

  2. you being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, including having a blood alcohol content over the prescribed legal limit whilst driving, or being under the influence of any other drug unless it was prescribed by a doctor and taken in accordance with the doctor’s advice;

  3. you engaging in any professional sports, meaning You livelihood is substantially dependent on income received as a result of You playing sport;

  4. you engaging in any motor sports as a rider, driver and/or a passenger;

  5. you being a pilot or crew member (on active duty) of any aircraft, or engaging in any aerial activity, including parachuting and hang-gliding, except as a passenger in any properly licensed aircraft; or

  6. pre-existing medical conditions.

The above are some of the key exclusions under the GoInsure 3 plan that you should be aware of. Please refer to the full list of exclusions, which can be found in the policy wordings.

GoInsure 3 is exclusively offered to U Mobile customers who are:

  1. Malaysian citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia; and

  2. aged between 18 up to 70 years on the effective date of coverage. As an illustration, if your date of birth is 28/11/1949, the last renewal date for GoInsure 3 will be 27/11/2019, which is a day before you turn 70.

Upon receipt of an SMS, MyUMobile app or email notification on the GoInsure 3 complimentary premium promotion from U Mobile, you can opt in to GoInsure 3 by (“Opt-In”) via the designated Web Portal at http://u.com.my/goinsure3.

You will receive a notification via SMS from U Mobile once you have successfully Opt-In (“Opt-In Notification”).

Upon receipt of the Opt-In Notification, you will receive 1 complimentary coverage for GoInsure3, which is valid for a period of 1 month effective from the date you receive the Subscription Notification (“Complimentary Premium Period”).

Each eligible subscriber is only entitled to Opt-In to GoInsure 3 to receive the complimentary premium once during the promotion period.

Customer who are on Unlimited HERO P139 iPhone SE device contract will be entitled for 24 months complimentary premium of GoInsure 3.

If you received a notification from U Mobile that your Opt In failed, you will need to visit the nearest U Mobile branch or service centre at the locations listed at www.u.com.my to update your personal details

Once you have updated your personal details, you can try to Opt-In to GoInsure 3 again by following the steps listed in question 5 of this FAQ.

Your GoInsure 3 coverage will commence upon your receipt of the Opt-In Notification via SMS.

You can check the status of your GoInsure 3 subscription via:

  1. MyUMobile App by following the steps listed below:

  2. MyUMobile App > Menu Tab > My Subscriptions > Digital Transaction History > Menu Tab > Subscription; or

  3. call by contacting U Mobile customer care at 6018-388 1318.

Yes, you may terminate your GoInsure 3 plan by following the steps listed below:

  1. via SMS by sending “STOP G3” to 28122;

  2. via the MyUMobile App by clicking on:

  3. MyUMobile App > Menu Tab > My Subscriptions > Digital Transaction History > Menu Tab > Subscription > Cancel; or

  4. via call by contacting U Mobile customer care at 6018-388 1318

Upon U Mobile’s receipt of your termination notice via SMS, you will be entitled to enjoy the existing GoInsure 3 coverage until the expiry of the coverage period.

As an illustration, if your GoInsure 3 is effective on 1 May 2020 and you send the termination, notice via SMS on 4 May 2020, your GoInsure 3 will be terminated on 4 May 2020. However, you will continue to receive coverage under the terminated GoInsure 3 until 31 May 2020 (i.e. the expiry date of the GoInsure 3 coverage).

Prior to the expiry of Complimentary Premium Period, you will receive an SMS notification from U Mobile of the expiry date of the Complimentary Premium Period and of your opt-out option (“Promotion Expiry Notification”)

If you do not opt-out prior to the date specified in the Promotion Expiry Notification, your GoInsure 3 plan will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis and the premium charged will be reflected in your postpaid bill if you are a postpaid subscriber or will be deducted from prepaid credit, if you are a prepaid subscriber.