Access Fee
Access Fee
Subscription fee of your plan which is charged on a monthly basis.
Charges paid for your mobile usage that are not included in your rate plan bundle.

Your U Mobile Bill Statement 101

  1. What is the difference between Access Fees and Advanced Access Fees?

    Access Fee is a monthly subscription fee paid for usage incurred from the previous month, and is a recurring charge. An Advanced Access Fee is a one-time fee that is charged in your first monthly bill and will be offset in your last monthly bill payment, should you decide to terminate your mobile service.

  2. What is stamp duty?

    Stamp duty is a tax that is chargeable on legal documents.

  3. What is Sales and Service Tax (SST)?

    Sales and Service Tax is a tax charged on taxable services provided to any taxable person in Malaysia, in the course and furtherance of business.

  4. What are reactivation fees and why do I need to pay for it?

    Your mobile service may be suspended due to non-payment or if you make a request to suspend your mobile service. In these cases, a reactivation fee will be charged when you request to resume your mobile service.

  5. What is ‘Current Amount’?

    It covers your monthly access fee and usage charges such as voice, roaming, value-added services, etc.

  6. What is ‘Amount Overdue’?

    This is the unpaid amount from your previous month’s bill(s).

  7. Where can I find rebate entitlement in my bill statement?

    The rebate will be displayed as a negative amount in your bill, and will be offset from your total outstanding amount for that month.

  8. What are real time and non-real time payments?

    Payments made via real time channels are updated in U Mobile’s system within an hour. Payments made via non-real time channels are sent to U Mobile the next working day.

    Real-time channels – U Mobile Service Centre, Self-care portal, MyUMobile App and 7-Eleven stores.

    Non-real time channels – online banking, POS Malaysia Online Payment, Auto-debit, ATM and over-the-counter payment services such as POS Malaysia, e-Pay, Mobility One (M1) and cheque payment via postal mail.

  9. Why is there no proration for Share 20 member line?

    Share 20 member line is a non-prorated service. It will be charged in a fixed amount of RM20/month.

  10. Why are my boosters and freebies forfeited after performing a change of plan?

    Boosters and freebies are assigned to a particular plan, thus it will be forfeited if you change to a different plan.

  11. Why am I being charged for the physical bill after I have changed to e-billing service?

    The physical bill fee is charged in arrears. You will still be required to pay for the last physical bill sent to you, even after changing to e-billing service.

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