Policies, Terms & Conditions

Giler Unlimited GX68
  1. General

    1. This Giler Unlimited GX68 plan is available as a stand-alone service (GX68) and is supplied according to the Terms of Service in our Postpaid Sign-Up Form which includes our Privacy Policy, these additional terms and conditions and any add-on services such as voice or SMS Postpaid Add-on Packs which are governed by separate terms and conditions (collectively, the Terms) all of which are available on www.u.com.my.

    2. You can use GX68 via smartphones only and no other devices such as MiFi and USB dongle. We may from time to time change the device requirement for GX68 at our absolute discretion.

  2. Voice

    1. The voice service applies to domestic mobile, domestic fixed on-net and off-net usage and excludes video calls, MMS, International Direct Dial (IDD), International Roaming, Voicemail (1311) or calls to special numbers/premium numbers (e.g.: 1300 / 1500 / 1508 / 1600 / 1700 / 1900 / 103, 800 & 15999), 02-prefix numbers for border calls to Singapore and 080-prefix numbers for border calls to Brunei.

    2. You must only use the voice service strictly as part of normal everyday mobile voice usage and not for commercial use. GX68 shall not be:

      • re-sold, rented or utilised in any other way;

      • used for multiple simultaneous calling, conference calling, re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, application-to-person communication, continuous calling for extended period of time, auto-dialling, machine-to-machine communication;

      • used for wholesale or for SIM boxing or aggregate minutes on our network;

      • used in connection with a device, software or application which re-routes calls;

      • used to set up switch devices which could keep a line open potentially for hours and limiting the ability for other customers to access our network; or

      • used for any other activity that U Mobile considers to be non-standard usage.

    3. In addition to our other rights and remedies, we may suspend or terminate your GX68 if you breach any of the Terms.

  3. Data

    1. GX68 includes unlimited standard definition video streaming.

    2. Peer-to-peer (P2P) usage for GX68 is up to 64kbps.

    3. When there is a network failure, your normal (non-hotspot) data usage may inadvertently be deducted from your mobile hotspot quota. You acknowledge the possibility of this happening and agree not to hold us liable.

    4. Data is only applicable for domestic usage and will not be available when you are roaming overseas.

    5. You are given separate data quota of 5GB for mobile hotspot usage which is drawn from your mobile hotspot bucket. After the data quota from your mobile hotspot bucket is fully utilised, data speed will be managed.

    6. Hotspot booster is an add-on service that provides additional mobile hotspot quota on top of your monthly quota allocation (“Hotspot Booster”). You can only subscribe to Hotspot Booster with your GX68 plan. If you have subscribed to Hotspot Booster, when you change your rate plan, any unused quota and validity from your Hotspot Booster subscription will be forfeited without refund and will not be carried forward to your new rate plan.

  4. U Mobile prepaid upgrade to GX68

  5. If you are an existing U Mobile prepaid customer and you switch to GX68, you may retain your phone number. Any content subscription services which were part of your previous prepaid plan will be automatically terminated and any remaining or unused SMS, voice minutes or data allowance to which you are entitled under the previous prepaid plan will be forfeited. However, any credit remaining may be carried over to GX68 up to a maximum value of RM100 to offset your subsequent bill payments. Any credit balance exceeding the sum of RM100 will be automatically forfeited.

    Monthly Fee/Advance Access Fee

    1. You must pay the Monthly Fee in full even if you do not use GX68 to the full value of the service for the month and no part of the Monthly Fee will be carried over to the following months. Any usage exceeding the Monthly Fee will be billed to you on monthly basis. Monthly Fee may be used interchangeably with Access Fee or Monthly Access Fee in www.u.com.my or in your bill.

    2. Charges for all other services such as IDD and International Roaming will not be deducted from the Monthly Fee and will be charged separately in addition to the Monthly Fee.

    3. The Advance Access Fee (which is the amount equal to the Monthly Fee) is charged in advance to your account and will be shown in your first month’s bill. If you do not pay any of your bills by the due date, this Advance Access Fee may be used to set off any outstanding charges. Upon such set off, you are required to pay an additional amount to make up any shortfall in the Advance Access Fee so that the full amount of the Advance Access Fee is maintained at all times. Any remaining balance of the Advance Access Fee will be refunded to you without interest if GX68 is terminated after all outstanding charges have been settled.

    4. Upon activation of GX68:

      1. your subscription of any voice Postpaid Add-on Pack on your previous U Mobile rate plan will be terminated. You will be charged the full monthly charges of the Postpaid Add-on Pack and any unused quota on the earlier voice Postpaid Add-on Pack will be forfeited without any refund.

      2. if you have previously subscribed to any SMS Postpaid Add-on Pack, you will be re-subscribed to the same SMS Postpaid Add-on Pack. The re-subscribed SMS Postpaid Add-on Pack will have a refreshed quota and will be valid until the last day of your bill cycle and any unused quota from the earlier SMS Postpaid Add-on Pack will be forfeited without any refund. You will be charged with the full charges for the SMS Postpaid Add-on Pack:

        1. for the previous subscription on your previous U Mobile rate plan; and

        2. for the renewed subscription on GX68.

    5. All prices stated in these Terms are exclusive of all current and future taxes and other similar charges such as service tax, goods and services tax, sales tax and value added tax that may be imposed by any authority.

Version: 13th February 2020