Policies, Terms & Conditions

U Data Roam 10 and U Data Roam 36
U Data Roam 10 and U Data Roam 36 Promotion Terms and Conditions

  1. The U Data Roam 10 (“Data Roam 10”) and U Data Roam 36 (“Data Roam 36”) promotion (“Promotion”) is a data roaming offer which enables you to enjoy high speed data roaming at the flat rate of RM10 per day or a maximum rate RM36 per day while on roaming at selected countries. This Promotion is not applicable for voice and SMS service.

  2. The Promotion is available to all U Mobile prepaid and postpaid subscribers (principal and member lines) except for postpaid broadband subscribers.

  3. The Promotion cannot be transferred to any other mobile numbers.

  4. Each Promotion is provided according to the Terms of Service on our Postpaid Sign-Up Form or U Mobile Prepaid Terms and Conditions relevant to you. You must comply with those terms including the relevant service description, our Fair Usage Policy, Privacy Policy, the relevant postpaid or prepaid subscription plan and these additional terms and conditions (collectively, the "Terms") all of which are available on www.u.com.my.

  5. We reserve the right to modify or otherwise change these Terms including the charges without notice to you. This overrides any requirement where we may have to give you notice in other parts of our agreement with you.

  6. The Promotion cannot be combined with any other offers unless expressly stated.

  7. The Promotion is available from 7 April 2016 until 31 December 2020(“Promotion Period”).

Activation and Charges

  1. To enjoy the Promotion you have to:
    1.1 ensure that your international roaming service is activated before you travel; and

    1.2 manually connect to the following preferred roaming operator’s network when you are on roaming at the following countries from the respective effective dates onwards:

    1. U Data Roam 10:

    2. Country Preferred Roaming Operator Effective Date Fair Use Quota (per-day)
      Australia Optus 1 November 2016 500MB
      Telstra 7 April 2016 till 31 October 2016 500MB
      Bangladesh Bangalink 7 April 2016 500MB
      Cambodia Cellcard 7 April 2016 500MB
      Metfone 17 December 2019 500MB
      Hong Kong HKT 7 April 2016 until 13 December 2018 500MB
      Hutchinson 3 2 May 2018 500MB
      Smartone 24 May 2019 500MB
      India Aircel 7 April 2016 500MB
      Bharti Airtel 1 March 2018 500MB
      Reliance 7 April 2016 till 28 February 2018 500MB
      Indonesia Hutchison 16 October 2017 500MB
      Telkomsel 7 April 2016 - 30 September 2016 500MB
      Indosat Ooredoo 01 October 2016 500MB
      Laos Beeline Temporarily Unavailable N/A
      Lao Telecommunications 26 June 2019 500MB
      Unitel 17 December 2019 500MB
      Philippines Smart 7 April 2016 500MB
      Singapore StarHub 7 April 2016 500MB
      Singtel 03 January 2019 500MB
      South Korea SK Telecom 7 April 2016 500MB
      KT 06 February 2017 500MB
      Taiwan Taiwan Mobile 7 April 2016 500MB
      Chunghwa 3 July 2019 500MB
      Thailand AIS 5 December 2018 500MB
      True Move 7 April 2016 500MB

    3. U Data Roam 36:

    4. Country Preferred Roaming Operator Effective Date Fair Use Quota (per-day)
      Albania Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      Argentina Movistar 13 September 2019 500MB
      Austria Hutchison 3 16 October 2017 500MB
      Belgium BASE 10 January 2018 500MB
      Brazil Vivo 2 December 2019 500MB
      Brunei DST 5 December 2018 500MB
      Progresif Cellular 6 June 2017 500MB
      Bulgaria VIVACOM 5 February 2018 500MB
      Canada Bell 7 April 2016 500MB
      Telus 7 April 2016 500MB
      China China Unicom 7 April 2016 500MB
      Croatia Hrvatski Telekom 1 August 2018 500MB
      Czech Republic O2 2 July 2018 500MB
      Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      Denmark Hutchison 3 16 October 2017 500MB
      Egypt Orange 5 December 2018 500MB
      Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      France Bougyues Telecom 01-Nov-17 500MB
      Free Mobile 2 July 2018 500MB
      Finland DNA 1 Aug 2016 500MB
      Germany O2 (Telefonica) 1 March 2017 500MB
      Ghana Vodafone 1 Sept 2016 500MB
      Ghana Vodafone 1 Sept 2016 500MB
      Greece Vodafone 15 May 2017 till 01 Oct 2017 500MB
      Wind Hellas 02 Oct 2017 500MB
      Hungary Vodafone 1 Sept 2016 500MB
      Iceland Nova 1 Aug 2016 500MB
      Ireland EIR 5 February 2018 500MB
      Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      Italy Vodafone 1 Sept 2016 500MB
      Japan NTT Docomo 7 April 2016 500MB
      SoftBank 2 May 2018 500MB
      Kazakhstan KaR-Tel LLP (Beeline) 1 July 2016 500MB
      Latvia Bite 1 June 2018 500MB
      Lithuania Bite 1 June 2018 500MB
      Macau CTM 7 April 2016 – 11 June 2019 500MB
      Hutchison 11 June 2019 500MB
      Malta Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      Mongolia Mobicom 5 February 2018 500MB
      Montenegro Mtel 1 July 2016 500MB
      Myanmar MPT 3 April 2017 500MB
      Mytel 17 December 2019 500MB
      Nepal Ncell 3 Aug 2017 500MB
      Nepal Telecom 19 December 2019 500MB
      Netherlands Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      New Zealand Two Degrees 7 April 2016 500MB
      Spark 13 November 2019 500MB
      Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      Oman Omantel 1 July 2016 500MB
      Pakistan Telenor 1 Aug 2016 500MB
      Poland P4 1 July 2016 500MB
      Plus 7 August 2018 500MB
      Portugal NOS 2 July 2018 500MB
      Vodafone 1 March 2017 500MB
      Qatar Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      Romania Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      Russia Beeline 1 July 2016 500MB
      Saudi Arabia Zain 1 July 2016 500MB
      South Africa Vodacom 1 Sept 2016 500MB
      Spain Movistar (Telefonica) 1 Aug 2016 500MB
      Sri Lanka Dialog 10-Nov-17 500MB
      Hutchison 3 16 Oct 2017 500MB
      Sweden Hutchison 3 16 Oct 2017 500MB
      Switzerland Salt 1 August 2018 500MB
      Sunrise 6 July 2017 500MB
      Timor-Leste Telemor 4 October 2019 500MB
      Turkey Vodafone 7 April 2016 500MB
      Ukraine Lifecell 6 July 2017 500MB
      United Arab Emirates DU 3 Jun 2019 500MB
      United Kingdom Hutchison 3 4 December 2017 500MB
      O2 1 August 2017 500MB
      Vodafone 7 April 2016 till 28 January 2019 500MB
      United States AT & T 1 October 2018 500MB
      Vietnam Vietnamobile 1 October 2018 500MB
      Vinaphone 1 October 2018 500MB
      Viettel 1 October 2018 500MB
      Vietnamobile 13 Nov 2017 till 30 Sept 2018 250MB
      Vinaphone 4 Dec 2017 till 30 Sept 2018 250MB
      Viettel 13 Nov 2017 till 30 Sept 2018 250MB
      Viettel 26 Aug 2016 till 12 Nov 2017 10MB

  2. If you do not connect to the preferred roaming network specified above, you will not be able to use the internet while on roaming. However, you may still be able to use voice and SMS services subject to the applicable charges imposed by the respective roaming operator you are connected to.

  3. You will be automatically subscribed to either the U Data Roam 10 or U Data Roam 36 based on the country you are in and the network you connect to while on roaming.

  4. The U Data Roam 10 or U Data Roam 36 subscription is a daily subscription which will commence from the first time you use the internet on roaming in the country you are in, and will be valid until the expiry time on the same day (based on time of the capital city of the country you are roaming in) as prescribed in the following table (“Daily Validity Period”):

  5. Country Local Time of the Capital City
    Non-Day Light Saving Period Day Light Saving Period
    Albania Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Australia 23:00 (11pm) Midnight
    Austria Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Bangladesh Midnight N/A
    Belgium Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Brunei Midnight N/A
    Bulgaria Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Cambodia Midnight N/A
    Canada 23:00 (11pm) Midnight
    China Midnight N/A
    Croatia Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Czech Republic Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Denmark Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Egypt Midnight N/A
    Finland Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    France Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Germany Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Ghana Midnight N/A
    Greece Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Hong Kong Midnight N/A
    Hungary Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Iceland Midnight N/A
    India Midnight N/A
    Indonesia Midnight N/A
    Ireland Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Italy Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Japan Midnight N/A
    Kazakhstan Midnight N/A
    Laos N/A N/A
    Macau Midnight N/A
    Malta Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Mongolia Midnight N/A
    Montenegro Midnight N/A
    Myanmar Midnight N/A
    Nepal Midnight N/A
    Netherlands Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    New Zealand 23:00 (11pm) Midnight
    Oman Midnight N/A
    Pakistan Midnight N/A
    Philippines Midnight N/A
    Poland Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Portugal Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Qatar Midnight N/A
    Romania Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Russia Midnight N/A
    Saudi Arabia Midnight N/A
    Singapore Midnight N/A
    South Africa Midnight N/A
    South Korea Midnight N/A
    Spain Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Sri Lanka Midnight N/A
    Sweden Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Switzerland Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Taiwan Midnight N/A
    Thailand Midnight N/A
    Turkey Midnight N/A
    United Kingdom Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    United States 23:00 (11pm) Midnight
    Ukraine Midnight 01:00 (1am next day)
    Vietnam Midnight N/A

  6. If you exceed:

    1. the Daily Validity Period above, you will be charged for the second day’s usage based on the type of subscription; or

    2. the Fair Use Quota above, you may use your data at a reduced speed which will be managed in accordance with our Fair Usage Policy.

  7. For Postpaid subscribers, the Promotion will be applicable to all principal and member lines that have international roaming. Each principal line and member line will be charged separately based on the activation.

  8. For Prepaid subscribers, you must ensure that you have sufficient credit before you go on roaming. As an example, if you wish to roam in Australia, you must ensure that you have RM10.00 credit available for each day of roaming. If you have insufficient credit, this Promotion will not be applicable to you.

  9. The mobile internet roaming service is subject to the preferred roaming operator’s network availability.

Updated: 11 June 2019