Policies, Terms & Conditions

Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan

  1. This Promotion is available to all U Mobile prepaid subscribers starting from 17 February 2017 and provided according to the U Mobile Prepaid Terms and Condition. You must comply with those Terms and Condition including the relevant service description, our Privacy Policy and these terms and conditions (collectively, the "Terms").

  2. We reserve the right to modify or otherwise change these Terms including the charges without notice to you. This overrides any requirement where we may have to give you notice in other parts of our agreement with you.

  3. If you make any on-net calls during the period of your free calls, your usage block is based on 60 seconds. “On-net” means calls:

    1. made within U Mobile’s network within Malaysia only;

    2. not on any other telecommunication provider’s network; and

    3. excludes video calls, IDD, International Roaming, Voicemail (1311) or calls to special numbers/premium numbers which will be subject to the following rates:

      No. Type of Call Rate Applicable
      1. Voice Mail RM0.18 per call
      2. Any calls made while on roaming Based on the rates imposed by current U Mobile’s roaming operators
      3. 1300 RM0.30/ min
      4. 1-600-85-8888 (AirAsia) RM1.95/min
      5. 1800 Free

    Calls made to special/premium numbers not listed above is subject to the rates specified by the recipient entity. You are advised to check the rates applicable on the recipient entity’s website before placing any calls.

  4. References in these terms and conditions to “free calls” or “U Mobile to U Mobile” mean free on-net calls provided the calls are made during the times stated below.

  5. If you have any free voice calls or SMS from another U Mobile promotions, those promotions will be deemed to be used first followed by the free calls or free SMS given under this Promotion.

  6. The maximum free calls will not exceed 150 days.

  7. If you have any free voice calls from another U Mobile promotion, they will be deemed to be used first followed by the free calls given under this Promotion.

  8. The lifecycle of the Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan comes with 10 days active and 60 days passive period. During the passive period, you cannot use any of the services including using internet, make outgoing calls and SMS but you can receive incoming calls and SMS. If you do not perform top up within the passive period, your Account will be automatically terminated without any further notice. 
    The validity is 1x the value of your top up amount. Your free calls validity will follow the longest validity. However, if the validity of your subsequent top up amount expires after the current expiry date, the new expiry date will be based on the validity period of the top up amount calculated from the date of the top up. Otherwise, there will be no change to the current expiry date. For example, if you top up RM30 on Day 1 and you make another top up of RM10 on day 15, your free calls validity will still be 30 days and not 40 days. However, if you top up RM30 on Day 1 and make another top up of RM10 on Day 25, then your free calls will be valid until Day 35.

  9. You must maintain your Account in active status throughout the duration of the services in order to enjoy all the promotions and services. Active means able to make and receive calls.

  10. This Promotion cannot be combined with any other offers unless expressly stated.

  11. This Promotion is available until withdrawn by us.

Free U Mobile to U Mobile Voice Calls

  1. You will enjoy time-based free on-net calls for every top-up of RM1.

  2. Free on-net calls for Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan:

    1. can be utilised at any time during the day. However, the maximum free calls allocation per day will not exceed 10 minutes. Once free on-net calls allocation is fully consumed, you will be charged at the rate of 14 sen/30sec for subsequent on-net voice calls.

    2. is only valid for on-net voice calls and is subject to the terms provided in paragraph 3 (General) listed above.

  3. The free calls are non-transferable either to any other person, entity or any other prepaid account.

  4. No carry forward of the unutilized quota of free calls and SMS will be allowed. Any unused free calls received on a particular day will be forfeited at 12.00 am.

Switch Plans

  1. Existing U Mobile prepaid subscribers are allowed to switch to Unlimited Power Prepaid effective 17 February 2017.

  2. There will be a switching fee deducted from your Account, RM3 upon each successful switch.

  3. However, after you have switched to Unlimited Power Prepaid plan, you are allowed to revert back ONLY to Power Prepaid plan.

  4. You are not allowed to switch plan during passive stage. Kindly perform top-up to re-activate your Account before switching plan.

  5. All your current freebies or subscriptions will be forfeited upon successful plan switching except your credit balance in your Account which will be carried forward.

  6. After each successful switch, your validity will reset to 10 days active period and 60 days passive period, regardless of any prepaid plans.

Free Internet (Terms and Conditions)

  1. You must ensure that your Account is in active status in order to enjoy free internet.

  2. The free internet quota granted is non-transferable either to any other person, entity or any other subscriber's prepaid account.

  3. The unutilized quota of free internet will not be carried forward.

  4. The free internet can only be utilized domestically (within Malaysia only), not allowed for internet roaming usage when overseas. You will be charged based on the internet roaming rates imposed by current U Mobile roaming operators for internet roaming usage whilst roaming overseas.

Free Internet upon Activation

  1. Free 200MB high speed internet will be credited to your Account immediately upon successful activation of your starter pack.

  2. An SMS notification will be sent to you that the free 200MB internet has been credited into your Account immediately upon activation. The free 200MB internet is valid for 10 days from activation date. Upon expiry of the 10-day period, any unutilized internet quota shall be forfeited.

  3. Free 200MB internet is non-transferable to other U Mobile subscribers.

Free Unlimited Data for App-Onz

  1. Free unlimited data for App-Onz only applicable to 3 social network apps including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

  2. All browsing of external links/pages not hosted by Facebook will consume from data plans (if any) or basic internet.

  3. Free unlimited data for App-Onz will be credited to your Account immediately with the one-time first top-up of minimum RM10 and above.

  4. In order to enjoy using free unlimited data, ensure your Account stay active throughout the service duration.

  5. Free unlimited data for App-Onz is non- transferable to other U Mobile subscribers.

  6. Please refer to App-Onz page for more information.

Free Basic Internet

  1. All Unlimited Power Prepaid starter pack comes with free basic internet upon activation.

  2. You will enjoy free basic internet as long as your Account is active. However, if your Account is not active, free basic internet will be disconnected until your Account status reverts to active.

  3. Free basic internet usage is subject to the limited speed of up to 64kbps and up to 1GB per month.

  4. Free basic internet will be reset every 1st of the month and a new internet quota will be credited into your Account.

Version Date: 13 February 2020