Policies, Terms & Conditions

iTunes®, Apple Music® and App Store®
  1. You can choose to purchase any content or application (“Content”) from iTunes® , Apple Music® or App Store® (“Apple Platform”) with your Apple device using your U Mobile postpaid or prepaid account (“U Mobile Account”). We will bill you the amount of your purchase in your monthly postpaid bill or deduct the credit from your prepaid account.
  2. If you choose to buy Content using your U Mobile Account, you agree to these terms of use and the terms applicable to the relevant U Mobile prepaid or postpaid subscription plan including our privacy policy all of which are available on http://www.u.com.my/tnc/227. We will only display these terms of use on your device the first time you use your U Mobile Account as a payment method and thereafter only if we amend these terms of use.
  3. Your use of the Content is subject to the terms of your agreement with Apple and its privacy policy which are available on https://www.apple.com/privacy/privacy-policy/ or with the relevant Content providers and its respective privacy policies.
  4. You warrant that you are authorised to use your U Mobile Account to purchase the Content

Registration and Usage
  1. You will need to set up an Apple ID before you use the Apple Platform to buy the Content.
  2. If this is your first purchase on any of the Apple Platform, you have to add U Mobile as your preferred payment method by following the steps listed below:
    1. your device must be on U Mobile network;
    2. your U Mobile Account must be active. If you are a prepaid user, you must have enough credit in your prepaid account to purchase the Content. “Active” means able to make and receive calls;
    3. select the Content you wish to purchase and click on “Buy”;
    4. select Mobile Phone as your preferred payment method; and
    5. tap “use this mobile number” and then tap “Done”.
  3. If you have previously registered your debit/credit card as your preferred payment method on any of the Apple Platform, you will be required to change your payment method to U Mobile’s payment method. Once U Mobile payment is selected, it will be your default payment method for purchases made on the Apple Platform until you change it.
  4. You may purchase Content using your U Mobile Account when you are overseas only if you have completed the registration in Malaysia according to the steps listed in paragraphs 2.1, 2.2. and 2.3 above before you go abroad.
  5. We may stop allowing you to buy Content from the Apple Platform using your U Mobile Account, for any reason whatsoever, with or without notice including if U Mobile suspects that there is fraudulent or unauthorized use or if our agreement with Apple terminate or for any operational reasons.
  6. If you port your mobile number to another mobile operator, you will not be able to use your U Mobile Account to buy Content but you remain responsible for all fees and charges incurred before porting out. Refunds are not applicable for mobile numbers that have been ported out of U Mobile.
  7. The Content is not under our control and we are not responsible for, nor do we endorse or have any involvement in the operation of the Content. If you have any issues with the use of the Content, you are required to directly contact the relevant content provider for assistance. You need to contact Apple directly if you have any issues with any of the Apple Platform which are not related to billing.

Charges and Payment
  1. We do not set the Content prices. Prices for the Content are determined by the content providers or Apple (if the Content is provided by Apple) and are subject to adjustment or taxes determined by Apple.
  2. If you purchase Content using your U Mobile Account while you are roaming overseas the Content price displayed on the Apple Platform may be in the currency of that foreign country but will be converted into Ringgit Malaysia when it is charged to your U Mobile Account based on the exchange rate determined by Apple Inc.
  3. When you buy any Content using your U Mobile Account we will charge the transaction amount and any applicable taxes to your postpaid bill or deduct your prepaid credit.
  4. Mobile data charges (including international data roaming charges) will apply when you use browse, purchase, request for refund or download on the Apple Platform.
  5. For postpaid account, you may purchase Content with an accumulated value of up to your rate plan’s default credit limit, per month. This monthly limit refers to your purchases from the first day of the calendar month until the last day of that month. We may change this monthly limit from time to time. However since the charges are not reflected on a real-time basis, you may be allowed to purchase Content beyond your rate plan’s default credit limit and you are required to remit the charges incurred even if your purchase exceeds your rate plan’s default credit limit.
  6. For prepaid account, there is no monthly limit for your purchases. You will be able to purchase Content as long as you have sufficient credit balance in your prepaid account.
  7. For recurrent subscription based Content, you will be charged via your U Mobile Account for subscription renewals. You are advised to take note of the renewal frequencies and the cancellation option available at the time of subscription. Cancellation must to be done directly with Apple in accordance with the relevant cancellation terms.
  8. You can report a problem with any purchase you have made in the last 90 days by following the steps listed at https://www.apple.com/shop/help/returns_refund.
  9. Any refund will be subject to the applicable Apple terms and refund policy.
  10. We will only apply a refund or credit your U Mobile Account in relation to a purchase of Content only if directed to do so by Apple by crediting the amount into your prepaid account (for prepaid subscribers) or reflecting the refund in your following month’s bill (for postpaid subscribers).

  1. U Mobile may change any of these terms of use from time to time. Any such change will be posted on our website and will appear in a pop up notice when you purchase any Content the first time after the changes are made. It is your responsibility to check the terms of use.
  2. To the extent permitted by law, U Mobile excludes all liability in connection with use of your U Mobile Account to buy the Content, your purchase of the Content and your access to the Apple Platform. You and if you are below 18 years of age, your parents or guardians, agree to release U Mobile from and indemnify U Mobile against all liability (including negligence) for any personal injury or for loss or damage; whether direct or indirect, special or consequential arising from use of your U Mobile Account to buy the Content, your purchase of the Content and your access to the Apple Platform.
  3. Our privacy policy (www.u.com.my/tnc/1209) applies to how we use your personal information.
  4. iTunes® , Apple Music® or App Store® are trademarks of Apple Inc. and U Mobile does not own the copyright, trademarks, services marks or other marks on iTunes®, Apple Music® or App Store®. These marks are owned and registered by their respective owners.
  5. These terms of use are governed by the laws of Malaysia. You agree that the Courts of Malaysia have jurisdiction over all matters arising from these terms of use.
Version: 24/8/2018