Non-Network Complaints
For non-network complaints, you would need to provide your mobile number and description of the issue.

Network-related Complaints
If you have network issue, you are kindly advised to perform the following troubleshooting steps on your device:

  1. Check if there were scheduled maintenances at the alleged area.
  2. Select Settings > Select Network Mode or Mobile Data and select 3G/WCDMA only or 4G only (switch back to "Auto" if the issue persists).
  3. Make sure the Apps you are currently using are in the latest version and Clear Cache
  4. Make sure Restrict Background Data is turned off

Should the issue persist, you are required to provide us with the following details for investigation:

  1. U Mobile Number in use (still active):
  2. Have you lodged a complaint to us before? If yes, please provide us with the report no.
  3. Issue:
  4. Latest date and time the issue occurred: (e.g., 18 November 2021, 10:00 AM)
  5. Full address of the location:
  6. Screenshot of Speedtest via Ookla Apps (result/error):
  7. GPS Coordinate: