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Endless Possibilities With 5G 

It’s a new age of high-speed wireless connectivity. Work and play like never before with 5G network! 

faster stronger connection

Faster & Stronger Connections

Get up to 10X the speed of 4G LTE. Supports 250X more devices than 4G.

Glitch-Free Connection

Glitch-Free Connection

1ms average latency for a glitch-free surf!

Instant Downloads

Instant Downloads

Download a 4K high-definition movie in just seconds!

Smarter Living

Smarter Living

Control everything from your lighting, air-conditioning and home security, remotely from your phone.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Get front-row seats to the hottest music gigs and football games, made possible with real-time live streaming.

Lag-Free Gaming

Lag-Free Gaming 

Make your gaming experience seamless and hyper-immersive with just an AR/VR-enabled smartphone.

The 5G Demonstration Projects

Discover how U Mobile has uncovered 5G network’s benefits for healthcare, education, tourism and manufacturing industries. 

MedCom Mobile
Doctor On Call
Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)
Virtual Tourism
Smart AI Facial and Thermal Recognition

Remote Consultation

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5G connectivity helps to change the healthcare landscape through U Mobile's collaboration with MEDCOM, a 5G-enabled telemedicine device that acts as a secure gateway between patients and doctors. It seamlessly integrates and transmits high-definition data from various medical devices using 5G mobile connectivity to allow doctors to view real time, high-quality and ultra-reliable clinical, physiological and diagnostic parameters to guide management and decision making from distance.

Remote Consultation

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The DOCpod by DoctorOnCall powered with U Mobile's 5G connectivity enables patients living in areas that have no access to medical doctors to receive face-to-face qualified medical advice.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

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FWA is available at a location that is fitted with a fixed wireless access router that receives 5G signal from a 5G telco tower. Once the signal is received, the router will be able to provide connectivity at 5G speed to all devices in the area, regardless of how many devices are connected.


In remote areas, FWA enables network operators to deliver high-speed internet to people, without having to lay and maintain fibre broadband.

Virtual Tourism

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5G will provide a new experience for Malaysians who love to travel and are always looking for their next destination! Instead of reading sites or watching videos about the destination, 5G will enable Virtual Tourism, where one can experience their destination remotely. With Virtual Tourism, those who may not have the opportunity to travel will be able to have an immersive experience and not miss out on all the benefits travel has to offer.

Remote Consultation

ai facial
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Security and safety are important to a manufacturing industry with thousands of staff. To enhance security and safety measures, U Mobile together with Huawei and Hotayi installed the Smart AI Facial Recognition and Thermal Recognition Solution powered by 5G at the entrance of Hotayi’s manufacturing plant. 


Leveraging on 5G’s high bandwidth, Smart AI Facial Recognition Solution is able to process multiple faces and authenticate against Hotayi’s database in real time for security purposes; while Thermal Recognition Solution is able to detect the temperatures of up to 10 people at once, upload the data into the system and alert security of any abnormalities to prevent the potential of cross-infection. This solution tightens security and safety measures with greater efficiency.

Jump on the 5G bandwagon with these 5G devices


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4G Network

Yay! You have 4G coverage as your best available network.

3G Network

Don't have a 4G enabled mobile phone? You'll still get to surf on 3G!

Future Coverage

New coverage sites are in progress.

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